Rawal Lake – View Park Islamabad

Rawal Dam was constructed in 1962. It is situated in the National Capital Islamabad, Pakistan. Basically it is an artificial reservior of water and is a great source of water supply to Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the twin cities of Pakistan. This reservior of water is called Rawal Lake and is spread over an area of 8.8km sqaure.

It is suppose to be that “Korang River” along with some small streams coming down from the Margala Hills collect together to form this lake. This lake not only provide water to the twin cities but it also help in irrigation.

On both sides of the Rawal Lake two parks have been constructed. One is the newly construction, situated on Murree road and is called as “Lake View Park”. As i have earlier mentioned about that new park in my blog.
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One of the biggest plus point of the park is its high quality of cleanliness. Though lot of crowd is present here every time yet one can notice very clean gardens and paths all over. There was no spitting, plucking of flowers and throwing of chewing gums and wrappers etc. Perhaps the reason is that every that person is highly fined here who making any sort of mess in the park thus every body taking care of surroundings.


Usually lot of parks are made here and lot of finances are spent yet with in a few months they becomes mess coz of lack of proper attention and look after. I suggest that every that person should be punished who spoil the beauty of any park, only then we can maintain our parks.


The area around the lake have been adorned with different type of trees, gardens, walking tracks etc.This lake offers various sports activities like fishing, boating, canoeing, rowing, sailing etc. The sports events usually arranged by CDA or certain local non governmental public and private groups.


The path leading towards the spot , where rawal lake can be viewed, but unfortunately the water level was too low and near the park area was almost dry and cracked. I hope in the coming season of rain, the area would get pretty cool level of water, suitable for boating. Boating is one of the biggest attraction of here.


This park is attractive for every age group people.  Not only the locals of the twin cities , Islamabad and Rawalpindi visit it but people from different other areas also do visit here. There is an aviary, where one can enjoy different species of birds in natural surroundings, but currently work was undergoing on that project so it was not open for the visitors.


CDA has developed lake view park with lot of recreational activities. It is man made natural park. Different ideas have been contributed in the establishment of this park. No doubt it is a perfect park to spend a wonderful time with friends and families. Its a huge place, covering with lush green lawns, gardens, children play land, which is a seperate section inside the park.


Found a calm camel sitting there alone was adding  beauty to the surroundings. Though the view of rawalpindi city is not clear in the pictures.



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